Special Forces Team X (Out on PC / Xbox 360) PC Review


Special forces team x is a multiplayer third person cover shooter minus a story campaign. I’m personally a big fan of third person cover shooters and feel there isn’t enough of them, every so often you will see a few gems hit the gaming market, the gears of war and uncharted games are stand out titles that come to mind, but does special forces team x deliver the cover shooter goodness?  well…read on.


Map tile system: Shape the multiplayer map by selecting the environment in
three map tile slots.
2-4 teams: Matches can have up to four teams.
Cover and clambering: vault, mantle and traverse through the environment with
the game’s intuitive cover and clambering system.
Dogs: Use the dogs of war and eliminate your enemy. Give the dogs commands and have him rip havoc and despair in the battlefield.
Stylized Visual Presentation: Based on the convergence of graphic novel art style and video arcade.
“Candy Weapons” : Exciting weaponry, available in limited supply throughout the environment
Licensed Armory: Use the AK-47, Famas or SigSauer 556

Straight off the bat, special forces team x feels like a very fast paced gears of war clone, everything about it from running, rolling and right up to the cover system all feel the same with a few minor differences in gameplay which i will get to, its not a bad thing and its got the foundations to be a decent cover shooter but theres something missing to make it stand out from the others in the genre.
One thing different from other games is their own map selection system, before each match players get to vote between three tiles which basically of get sewn together to make one whole map, you can get over 100 map variations with individual environment pieces, its a unique idea but maps still feel very much the same once you have played a few games.
Like many other games  you progress your character, level up and gains new abilities and unlock weapons and add ons. One skill i’m quite fond of is the assault dog, you just release as you would a grenade or other ability and it will run forward and attack the enemy within a certain radius, pretty effective at close range and is a pretty cool idea.

STXScreen01-436x354 teamx2

As this is a team based cover shooter they have added a few touches that encourage you to work together, sticking with your team mates(team up bonus) gains more xp and working as a team can feel very rewarding, rambo running my way to the flag was pretty much a bad idea  and playing with friends over mics made the game a much more pleasing experience.


Game modes include  all the well known  variations, team deathmatch, control point, hot zone and high value target. all common game modes with some with slight name differences, for example  hot zone is like a clone of hard point from black ops 2, if you haven’t played it both teams must rush to a point on the map and defend against the other team and accumulate points until the hard point changes position, pretty fun mode though.


Graphically they went for a modern brutal fast paced shooter crossed with a  comic book art style, its been done a few times but i really like the sort of cel shading look. the game itself also doesn’t require a high end system to play, i was running all full on a 550ti without any hitches..and hung around 50 frames per second.

STXScreen04-436x354 h3zv_XLABoxartFew issues i got with the game are spawning close to a full group of enemies which happens often,  theres no auto balance which can make the game very one sided and finally its really tough to find a match, I don’t know if people are bored or if its lack of marketing but at most i’ve seen is two servers up and running at once. Over the past couple of weeks playing the game there have been many occasions where there have been nobody in the servers which did not make me want to sit and wait. The lack of single player mode or bot enabled gameplay i think was a mistake… that said I hope the amount of people playing does pick up as I feel the game has a lot to offer esp team gameplay but its only fun when others are playing.

Overall the game feels rather familiar and doesn’t really show a lot new, its fun for short bursts but can become boring after a few matches and in this age of shooters there’s tough competition for special forces team x. Its a cheap enough game for people to buy and try, maybe when more people try the game it will take off, its one to keep around my PC to see what happens in the future.

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