Good: Fun, addicting gameplay. Puts a new twist on action/puzzlers
Bad: Levels can be frustratingly hard at times
Split! Title Screen

The title screen

Split! is a strong first release from Malaysian based Touchy Interactive. I sat down for a few hours with this pleasantly addictive title and I’ll definitely be going back for more. Split! touches on a few game genres, combining them into a fun mix of timing, action, and strategy. The game follows Red and Blue in their tactical dash through an “ultra-high security prison complex”. You control Red and Blue through a touch/swipe interface, plotting each of their paths through the level. Place your finger on one of the characters and then drag where you want them to move. It is that simple.



A screen showing combat from the game Split!

Dont let em see you!

Combat is based on lines of sight between your characters and the guards, once you see a guard you open fire. Luckily the various boxes in the levels provide Red and Blue with cover, which they automatically use when they are under attack. Your players move independently of each other allowing you to distract guards with one character, while the other takes a clear shot or sneaks in for a mêlée strike. Luckily, Red and Blue take care of all the dirty work and you only have to worry about moving them into place as quickly as possible. Time based scoring adds a level of challenge and replay value of each map, keeping players coming back to beat their high scores.



An image from the game Split! showing controls

Wherever you go, there you are!

The audio in Split! is what you might expect from a shooter/action/puzzler. Plenty of pew pew and an exclusive mostly dubstep soundtrack to rock you through the levels. The games simple in-game graphics do the job well, and at times caused me to reminisce about the hours and hours I spent playing the game Berzerk. I enjoy the way the level floats over the background, the clever use of the limited tile set, and the lighting effects of the weapons. Perhaps in a future update we could see some idle animations or varied environments.



A few other enhancements I would enjoy would be a way to quickly cancel Red and Blue’s movement after I plotted a course, stopping them in their tracks if I noticed them charging into danger. Different weapons, power ups, or environmental hazards would also add to the fun factor, and will be welcome additions if/when they arrive.


The game icon for Split!


Overall,Split! is a solid first entry for Touchy interactive. With challenging addictive gameplay, unlockable ranks, high replay value, and the possibility of upcoming campaigns and content, it would be a welcome addition to most players game libraries.

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