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Good: great choice of controls and more fun to play

Since I reviewed the first installment of UFC undisputed, the world of MMA has literally hit our planet by storm, like I said in my original review of UFC undisputed 1 for the PS3 it was the fastest growing sport in the world and still is! UFC 3 is THQ’s third outing in the MMA series, but does it live up to its reputation and improve the series? read on….

As you may know The UFC is a mixed martial arts franchise with different weight classes, a mixture of martial arts from Wrestling, Boxing and Muay Thai. Now I cant compare this to UFC2 or EA’s MMA game as i have never played them before but i will give my take on things and how the game has improved from the first title. First things first, when you start you get a choice of controls, technical controls which require more use of the analog sticks when doing ground moves, and basic controls which only require flicks up or down on the right stick, i think these new controls are a great change and will help beginners and overall making the game an easier and fun experience. The downside to basic control is if you play multiplayer against a person who is suited to advanced then he will have a better edge against you. There is also a good set of tutorials to teach you the basic controls and advanced techniques if you choose to do them, i would certainly recommend them as fights get much tougher as you progress.

With any sort of fighting game you  get a selection of options to play with from career mode to reliving classic fights or the online play. For most part I’ve been primarily getting stuck into the career mode, I’ve really found it much more simplified, which is a also great if your new to the series, there is also a great sense of achievement while advancing through career mode from starting out in the WFA to advancing to the UFC, or when defeating that tough opponent who has been kicking the crap out of you for most of the fight and you get that lucky submission win. When organizing a fight you get a number of actions to train your character before the fight, upgrade your stats in training mini games,  unlock new moves by joining a training camp or set a fight plan which can give you a stat boost just before to give you the fighting edge. The character stats have also been cut down from what i remember and are easier to follow and not get confused about. You can also acquire sponsors and level those up and unlock more items. My only downside to the career was that i feel you are offered  a place in the UFC far too soon and my character stats didn’t reflect the quality of the UFC fighters. I was soon ripped apart and after 3 or 4 losses i was kicked out of the UFC and demoted back to the WFA . That’s probably my lesson learned by rushing into things but id recommend getting your overall stat close to 80 before taking on the big boys.

Graphically the game looks brilliant, the characters look photo real and the flow of the moves are certainly more streamlined, everything down from the characters sweat to the signature move animations all look superb. The sense of hit detection works well form a glancing hit to a roundhouse kick to the face and the new submission system which i forgot to mention is a simple mini game in which requires you to chase the opposition colour around a wheel, keep on top of them for long enough and they will submit.The game sound is also perfect with authentic commentary, crowd chanting is also different depending on the size of the venue and another awesome feature is that your corner gives you fight tips depending on your situation inside the octagon.

UFC has not just improved in many ways but has made the game more accessible and appealing the newcomer, the career is great and very satisfying to play through, you also have multiplayer, Pride Championships, over 150 fighters and much more. overall a great MMA title.

Game play    9/10 Great choice of controls and more fun to play
Graphics       9/10  Brilliant character models, animation and photo realism
Sound          10/10 Very authentic and great commentary
Longevity     9/10 A lot to play with especially with the improved career mode.

Overall          9/10 “Simply Stunning – A Wealth of Realistic Characters and Great Gameplay”

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