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When I was a kid wrestling was like my little ritual, I grew up watching the ultimate warrior and the early days of the rock and stone cold Steve Austin, I was obsessed with it, to me it was like a child’s version of Easterners with with more fights and less murders. As I have grown older I have totally grown out of it so had to do a little research on the the previous game, I’ve played a few wrestling games over the years with the very first WWF/WWE smackdown games which come to memory, they where fun but over recent years the games haven’t evolved very well so this version of the game has been given an over hall with some major changes and improvements to the franchise.

If your a fan of WWE you may know that this is the 14th game in the smackdown/raw/wwe series I’ve only played a hand full of these, the last one I played was Smackdown vs raw 2010, the differences in game play are noticeable straight from the bat, the first thing you notice are the change of controls. I ended up losing my first match to submission in less than 30 seconds because I didn’t read the manual(fail). When getting to grasp of the things I noticed that the moves in the ring felt more natural and flow much better than previously, unlike the games I’ve played before its paced out better with weaker moves growing into tougher moves as you weaken your opponent which seems to be much better and follows what would usually happen in the real TV shows. Submission moves require you to work damage on a certain body part and then at that killer moment to try and make your opponent submit with the specific move to that area of body, the controls themselves have changed much and seem to have gone back to their roots in a way, grappling is a simple press of the x button and you move the left analogue in any direction to set a move, reversing a move is much more common in this game, you can pretty much reverse everything, even when groggy you may have a chance to reverse that killer finishing move. The game AI varies, sometimes when playing a tag team match for example the enemy AI will go to tag his partner but stand still for about ten seconds before attempting a tag, the AI niggles don’t happen often enough to spoil the game so its not a major thing.

With these changes in WWE 12 it feels like a new game when comparing to the 2010 version which I played and from research of the 2011 version. The game is very easy to pick up and the controls are much more simplified than past games, and overall makes it a great and fun game to play. Graphically the game looks similar to the past few games but there are improvements, especially with the flow and animations of the moves, the wrestlers faces are photo realistic and the entrances with fireworks and cut scenes look very authentic. voice acting is great with all the real voices and commentary.

As from the previous games, you expect to get a wide selection of game modes. the one I was most interested in was road to Wrestle mania which is the main storyline. I have some good points and bad points about this. Road to Wrestle mania is very linear in a way that the story doesn’t branch out if you win or lose a match, your only option is to win, losing a match requires you to restart the fight, saying that there is a few differences in the match game play where some require you to set specific challenges to win or at a certain moment in a fight a triangle will appear above the wrestlers head, once you get him into position this may trigger a cut scene of you getting beat up, losing or winning the match, this will progress the storyline. Its fun to follow but I much preferred the ways back in the early Smack down games. There is another game mode called WWE universe which you play through a calendar of fights controlling different wrestlers, you can edit fighters, create your own event for the calendar and much more.. this mode feels like you are playing a real WWE schedule, you can also interfere with fights or simulate them. basically you can influence it how you like of just go with the flow. Playing this mode with your own created wrestler is fun as you can aim to collect those specific achievements/trophies with your custom character in universe mode. Winning a title belt is probably the ultimate achievement with your created character. Speaking of creations there is a huge option of customization from creating characters, move sets, logos, events, there is a lot you can play with which is probably one of the strong point of the game, you can also share creations online.

Overall this is a decent reboot for the series and a step in the right direction, if your a fan of WWE this could be worth a try, the changes they have made have certainly put this game on the up from the last few outings.

Gameplay 8/10 with these new controls its much better and realistic to play, few flaws with the AI but nothing major.

Longevity 9/10 has what you would expect and unlimited replay online if its your thing.

Graphics 8/10 standard for console but with extra polish in places

Sound 9/10 great entrance music, voices, commentary and sound effects.

Overall 8/10 i’m not a big fan of wrestling but its a fun game to play,I don’t know the characters too well but the story lines help, well worth a look if you a fan of WWE

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